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Hello and nice to meet you, hobby news readers!
Nice to see again readers of the old Amiamiblog too, desu~.
We are here to bring you the first monthly illustration!

topicon_160205_amicoBut before we get to that, I’m going to introduce the two of us for the ones who don’t know us!

topicon_160205_amicoI’m AmiAmi’s main mascot character “Amico”, a magical princess coming from the character & hobby world.

topicon_160205_amico She is “Lil-Lil”, my pal. She’s in charge of “tsukkomi” and “fan service”, desu~.
topicon_160205_lilcoMy name is “Lilco”!
And I’m not any of what you said! How many times do I need to tell you?
topicon_160205_amicoOh, sorry.
Maybe I should have said… “tsundere” and in charge of “fan service”?
topicon_160205_lilcoThe problem is not there!!
The last time you saw us is in the last issue of the old Amiamiblog, around Christmas.
topicon_160205_lilcoThat’s quite a long time.
But if I’m not mistaken… didn’t you say that the illustration corner would become monthly?
topicon_160205_amicoEhm… In exchange for the lack of a January illustration, we posted a new year picture at the very start of the year, didn’t we?
topicon_160205_lilcoAhh I see, the new year picture.
Now I remember.
topicon_160205_amicoFor the ones who missed it, here it is again~

2016 Happy New Year illustration
2016年 正月記念イラスト

topicon_160205_amicoActually Lil-Lil, it’s pretty mean of you to forget about this picture, desu~

topicon_160205_lilcoWell, not like I am in it.
topicon_160205_amicoAh~ha, are you sad because you weren’t with me?
I bet that’s also why you are in a bad mood today!
topicon_160205_lilcoI-It’s not as you think!!
topicon_160205_amicoDon’t worry Lil-Lil, this time you’re in the picture too, desu desu!
Alright, take a look at the first monthly illustration!

This month’s illustration!


illust. Chaa

I was asked to draw both a normal Miko-san(shrine maiden) costume and the “miniskirt” version.
I really enjoyed drawing the differences.
I used the Kasama Inari Shrine as a model for the shrine in the picture. It’s near my hometown.
The shrine is dedicated to the god of business, quite a lucky coincidence. Thank you for everything.



topicon_160205_amicoSince the modified shrine maiden cosplay that I wore for the new year illustration was nice, I used it again~.

topicon_160205_lilcoThis level of snow on the pathway to the shrine is not something that can be cleared with a normal shovel!
I’d get a cold right away.
topicon_160205_amicoNo problem, I’ll wipe away all the snow and evil spirits with my new magic stick!
topicon_160205_lilcoI don’t think the one you’re holding is a magic stick… well, not really.
Anyway, with your magic you’d probably get into trouble, just give up.
A cold would still be less dangerous.
topicon_160205_amicoThat’s too bad, desu. But this cold weather is nothing to me!
I’m ok even wearing a costume with a miniskirt and no cover on the shoulders!
topicon_160205_lilcoNot a surprise.
After all people say that “Kids don’t catch a cold even when tyey play outside in winter”.
topicon_160205_amico…Hey, wait!
I’m not a “kid”, desu!!
topicon_160205_lilcoThat’s what all kids say.

topicon_160205_amicoI’m the same age as you! …Well, almost.

AmiAmi info corner!

topicon_160205_amicoIn this corner we will announce new information!
AmiAmi! Info corner~~!!

topicon_160205_lilcoIt should be a new corner, but I guess it’s just the same anyway, no big news…
topicon_160205_amicoToday we have new information about the “AmiAmi Akihabara shop”, desu!
Finally we can give you more details on the location.
topicon_160205_lilcoOh! I wanna know!
topicon_160205_amicoUff! Lil-Lil, are you so curious~?
topicon_160205_lilcoWell, if you think about mascot characters of anime shops, it’s pretty common to imagine them working in a store in Akiba!
So, where is the shop going to be?
topicon_160205_amicoIt will be inside a building called “Super Bldg”, located next to the crossing between Chuo-Dori Ave. and Kandamyoujin-dori Ave.
The AmiAmi shop will be on the 3rd and 4th floor.
Isn’t “Kanda Myoujin” the shrine that was used as a model for a certain popular idol anime?topicon_160205_lilco
topicon_160205_amicoYes it is, desu!
Actually, this is also the real reason why this month’s illustration theme is Miko-san “shrine maiden”, desu!
topicon_160205_amicoIsn’t this a great plan? (grins)
topicon_160205_lilcoI’m 100% sure that you just made that up now.
But still, a shop in the middle of Akiba?
That’s bigger than I expected.
topicon_160205_amicoThe Akihabara shop will also have a space for events and display. It will be the central spot for all new AmiAmi information.
You can find more details at the link below.
We will add more news as soon as we have them!

AmiAmi shop opening in Tokyo Akihabara around the end of April!


topicon_160205_amicoOk, now that we made the announcement we can consider this month’s issue complete.
The next one will be posted one month from now.
You can look forward to it!

topicon_160205_lilcoOne month from now… I guess the next illustration will have a Spring theme?
topicon_160205_lilcoAnyway, now that the updates are monthly we have some more time.
I guess I can take a break until…
topicon_160205_amicoWhat are you saying? Akihabara is a battlefield for shop mascot characters! We must undergo hard training to be able to stand our ground and become top stars, desu!
Like 1000 practice swings~!!
topicon_160205_lilcoEh, why do we suddenly have to fight!?
And why would you need to do 1000 practice swings!?
topicon_160205_amicoThere’s no time to rest!
As a start, let’s run up the stone steps of the shrine, desu!
It’s a race~
I’m already tired after sweeping the pathway, I don’t want to run a race now!
Hey!! Uff.. Wait! Wait, I said! WAAIT!!






topicon_160205_amicoU-ugh… W-wait, Lil-Lil!
This is harder than I thought.. My knees hurt…
I-If we don’t take a break and eat some sweets I can’t go on any more, desu..!

topicon_160205_lilcoThis is what you get for bragging!
Aren’t you going to become Akiba’s top star?

topicon_160205_lilco“Magical princess” really can’t do anything without magic. Your stamina is just like a kid’s.

topicon_160205_amicoI’m not a kid, desu!!




You will be able to see the results of their training at our Akihabara shop.
Ami & Lil’s lifesize cardboard stands will be near the entrance to welcome you.


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