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AmiAmi shop opening in Tokyo Akihabara around the end of April!


AmiAmi shop opening in Tokyo Akihabara around the end of April!


First of all, we would like to thank all the customers of our webshop

Today we have important news: from the end of April AmiAmi is going to have a physical store too!
The shop will be located in Akihabara, which you may know as the most popular spot for anime goods in Tokyo.

The address is as follows:

AmiAmi Akihabara shop
Akihabara Super Bldg. 3rd & 4th floors (total floor space: 443 sqm)
Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Sotokanda 1-5-11
Post code: 101-0021

This will be the first time that AmiAmi opens a large-scale shop in metropolitan Tokyo.

In our physical store we will offer a variety of items that we are also selling on our webshop, like figures and character goods for both male and female customers. There will be a corner for pre-owned items as well.

In addition, we will have a space for events and display. We are planning to collaborate with various makers to display samples of their newest releases, and we are going to display new AmiAmi limited products and exclusive bonuses before their release. This will be a good occasion for customers who wish to see how they actually look like before they are released.

We are also planning tie-ups with the popular seiyuu web shows produced by our Media Division.
Our Akihabara shop will not just be a place to buy goods, but a central spot to be up-to-date with all that AmiAmi is offering now and in the future.

Details about the exact opening date will be revealed as soon as they are confirmed.
Stay tuned for news!



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  1. Congratulation!

  2. Awesome News! I can’t wait to visit the next time I’m in Japan.

  3. As your loyal customer, i am happy that you have a store. congrat!

  4. Congratulation! AmiAmi 😀

  5. Wow! Nice! Congratulations!!!
    I never visited akihabara yet, but planning to do so in the future,
    and when I am there I surely will visit you guys!

  6. crazy so just left of the semi abandoned akiba culture zone. lets hope this brings back more stuff over there radio kai kan kind of took away the spark that was akiba culture zone.

  7. 今回の日本に旅行するとき、訪ねてみましょう

  8. Congratulations! That’s a real big step-up!
    Praise, to the favorite store!

  9. おめでとう。。。!

  10. Amiちゃんの輝き未来に乾杯!

  11. great news

  12. I will arrive Tokyo on May 2nd , so I will surely pay a visit!

  13. So close to my work! I’ll definitely swing by!

  14. Awesome! My sister and I are visiting japan on May!
    We’ll be sure to drop by!

  15. Congrats!!!!!!!! I will sure be there!!!!

  16. great news:D:D

  17. good show will be seeing you.

  18. Congratulations! If I may give an advice, since some of your costumers are from overseas, it would be great if some of the staff in store can speak English too.

  19. Went there on 5th of May. The staff there are really nice and helpful!! Some of the staff speak fluent English which is nice.

    There’s a lot of figures, plamo, anime goods, pre-loved goods there. Everything is 10-30% OFF retail price. And the shop is TAX FREE (you need to show your passport and receipt at the Tax Refund counter in the 3rd floor to get your tax refund).

    If you do drop by Akihabara, go to AmiAmi first and get the price of the items you want for comparison. Trust me, you’ll end up going back to AmiAmi to purchase it.

  20. good for every single collector!!! congrats!!!! see u soon~

  21. Congratulations Amiami, Hope the store will do well and benefits you even more.

  22. Wonder if the store will still open during Comiket..

  23. Next time I’ll go to Japan i’m gonna swing by and buy everything! Congrats!

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