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Equip Panties and Seek Bras in RPG “Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal”

If Genkai Tokki Monster Mon Piece and Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle weren’t stimulating enough for you, Compile Heart delivers another round of titling fun with Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal.

Product Overview

Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal

Maker: Compile Heart
Platform: PS Vita
Genre: RPG with pantie-wearing and bra-searching elements
Number of players: 1
Release: September 9, 2015
Standard edition: 7,344 yen (w/tax)
Limited edition: 9,504 yen (w/tax)
Download edition: 6,480 (w/tax)
Rating: TBD

Pre-order Bonus
-Download code for item “Surprise! Eight girls ‘naked♡flash’ underwear”

Limited edition bonus
-Package illustrated by character designer Katsuyuki Hirano
-Do not open! “Se-cret clasp” illustration collection
-“Hot and Heavy” monster girl sexy voice collection CD

Character designs by Katsuyuki Hirano


-The Bra of Darkness and the Panties of Light-
These treasurers protected the balance of the world…

Until one day the Bra of Darkness is stolen from the shrine by a thief which causes a dimensional slit to open in the sky and the ground to erupt into erect protuberances. The ground begins to swell higher and higher towards the slit that threatens to swallow the world… unless a band of adventurers can reclaim the sacred object. The future rests on the shoulders of a monster shrine maiden,  a boy who witnessed the theft and a pantie-thieving creature. Go forth heroes, and seek the bra that supports the world!

“Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal” Official Homepage


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