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Model Kit of Flaptter From “Castle in the Sky”

Studio Ghibli teams up with Bandai to release a model kit of the iconic Flaptter flying machine from Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Product Introduction

The miniature flying machine Flaptter was piloted by Dola and her sky pirates as well as the hero Pazu when he went to rescue the heroine Sheeta. Let’s see what tricks the designers built into it!

Its four wings flap alternatively to create the same insect-like movement seen in the film. In addition, the instrument panel, headlights and nozzles light up to make the model truly take flight.

The display stand doubles as a control box with four switches to activate the lights. Turn the crank to flap the wings and take control of the craft.

The body design closely follows that of the original while incorporating additional elements that allow it to perform the stunts seen on screen, including a more realistic cockpit, a rear belt to support the craft during flight and a winch that runs through the body. While the Flaptter in the film did not include a headlight, one was added to allow the sky pirates to fly at night.

The kit contains two types of wing parts, one for flying and one for landing, allowing you to recreate the sleek frame as seen stored in the Tiger Moth. Cylinders were added to the wing joints for greater mobility.

Product Details

Sozo Galleria Flappter
Price: 12,960 yen (including tax) (+shipping and handling)
Suggested age: 15+
Contains: Body x1, switch BOB base x1, landing parts X4, armor parts X1

Size: 120mm x 421mm
Pre-orders available from: June 17, 2015 at 1:00pm
Delivery: November 2015

But wait, there’s more!

Sozo Galleria Robot Soldier Blue LED ver.
Price: 3,888 yen (including tax) (+shipping and handling)
Suggested age: 15+
Contains: Pre-painted figure (w/blue LED base), LR44 batteries x3
Size: 130mm x 85mm
Pre-orders open: June 17, 2015 at 1:00pm
Delivery: November 2015

“Laputa: Castle in the Sky” Product Page

企画 /スタジオブリ・バンダイ

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