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We Want to Repay the Fans! ”Fan Meeting Tour 2015: Love Live! Comes to Your Town” Event Report



It’s all smiles and sunshine as the fans line up outside Nakano Plaza Sun Hall. They’re all here on this May 30 afternoon to kick off the μ’s Fan Meeting Tour 2015: Love Live! Comes to Your Town.

Fans voted online to decide the 10 tour locations. There was such a strong response that an extra show was added to each stop but even so today’s venue was jam packed.

The show’s about to begin. The dark stage is set ablaze by the cheery voices of μ’s as the members parade out to the Season 2 opening, “Sore wa Boku Tachi no Kiseki,” wearing the costumes from the song. The seated audience springs to their feet and greet the girls with a wave of glow sticks. μ’s music start!

Once the audience calmed down μ’s launched into their self introductions. The purpose of the tour is to repay the fans, and Emi Nitta took charge as MC just like her character Honoka to announce that “Today’s venue brings us closer to you than our concert hall events and we bring you our love!” This concert kicks off the tour so Aya Uchida (Kotori) challenged the crowd to set the bar high. Yoshino Nanjo (Eri) will only be able to participate in the talk show but joked that she looks forward to eating great local food all around Japan.



μ‘s caught their breath and moved onto the talk show where Nitta read questions from fans. When asked “Which character would you like be friends with, aside from the one you play,” she got some laughs by admitting that Honoka would wear anyone out, herself included!

While discussing the movie, Suzuko Mimori (Umi) spoke for the group when she said that in recent interviews she gets emotional to the point of tears.

They followed up the talk show with an improv corner and regional trivia quiz show. It’s hard to describe how fun it was with words, so be sure to check the live viewing at Makuhari Messe on June 13!


Then μ’s performed “Bokura wa Ima no Naka de” and “No Brand Girls.” Their dancing synced up with clips from the anime shown on a monitor above stage. For a moment it was as if 2D images had finally found a way to cross into our world. They followed up with “Mi wa μ’sic no Mi,” a song created with fan input in the pages of Dengeki G’s Magazine. This was the first time anyone had seen the song so μ’s taught the audience the hand choreography. It was exhilarating to see everyone moving in synch like we were of one mind and one body.

Sadly it had come time to say farewell. Nitta remarked “I wanted to pay back the fans, but when the tour ends I’ll owe you more than ever.” Kusuda promised that the next event would be even more intense, and the girls left the stage… only to return for the encore with “START:DASH.” Finishing with the song that started it all–very bittersweet, and very μ’s.

μ’s Fan Meeting Tour 2015 has just begun and I’m sure each performance along the tour will be as exciting as today’s.

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