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“Life-size Buttocks Mouse Pad – Angela Balzac (Expelled from Paradise) CG Illustration Ver.” Review


As a new item of “Life-size Buttocks Mouse Pad” series, Angela Balzac from “Expelled from Paradise” is back in CG illustration style.
This series focuses on recreating life-size buttocks of 2D characters in the form of a mouse pad. We currently have pre-orders open for Angela!

Being a life-size item, the buttocks alone are about 1400g heavy! Definitely not the weight of your usual mouse pad. The silicone batting is made of “shiricone” (in Japanese “shiri” means “buttocks”), a material manufactured by “M.J.Original”, and the surface is covered with “2WAY Tricot”, a soft & smooth kind of fabric commonly used for hugging pillow covers. Angela is beautifully printed onto it and you can enjoy her from an exquisite angle.

Today, we have gotten a product sample at our hands. We will report you the actual feel of the item with newly taken pictures.



480mm wide!! You can feel the volume of Angela’s body.


The surface is smooth and the illustration is beautifully printed thanks to “2WAY Tricot” fabric.


The top of the buttocks is 90mm thick. The “shiricone” batting creates a firm line.


“Shiricone”‘s elasticity is fine-tuned to be just right. Its moderate rebound feels comfortable to the touch.



Its large size makes it a little difficult to use as a mouse pad…



Since it’s soft, maybe you can use it as a pillow? It might be nice for a good old nap.


There are a lot of different ways to use this product. We hope you all can find the way that suits you best!


“Life-size Buttocks Mouse Pad – Angela Balzac (Expelled from Paradise) CG Illustration Ver.” product page



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  1. I’ve stuck my dick on this shit. Beast asf and wipable. Would recommend r8 8/8 g8 for all 8

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