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【Wonder Festival 2016 Summer ahn event report “Kow Yokoyama Exhibition S.F.3.D to Ma.K./Wonder Showcase/Independent dealers’ booths part 1″】

Wonder Festival 2016 Summer!



In this article you can find photos of the dealers’ booths.
You can find information about the new releases from various companies exhibiting in the independent dealers’ area, among which “Daiki Kogyo”, “Vertex”, “EVOLUTION TOY”, and special features of the exhibition “Kow Yokoyama Exhibition S.F.3.D to Ma.K.” and Wonder Festival’s official label “Wonder Showcase”!


◇Featured makers◇

Kow Yokoyama Exhibition S.F.3.D to Ma.K.,Wonder Showcase,X-PLUS,Ginjyujisha,Amie-Grand,Liquidstone,A+,DRAGON Toy,Daiki Kogyo,Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing,A-TOYS,Vertex,EVOLUTION TOY,Q-six,Orca Toys(in no particular order)


Kow Yokoyama Exhibition S.F.3.D to Ma.K.


Wonder Showcase


dealers’ booths


*All photos are taken with permission from the exhibitors.
*Product information and details may be subject to change without notice.

Wonder Festival official website


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