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Coffee Kizoku “Sumika Aoyama Debut pause 2017 Edition” 1/6 Complete Figure[Daiki Kogyo] Review

Sumika Aoyama, an original character created by illustrator Coffee Kizoku, is turned into a figure by Daiki Kogyo! Enjoy our newly taken pictures of Sumika sculpted finely based on the original illustration!   Details Sculpt: ORIGO-TOICHI Paintwork: Rintarou Shiitake Sumika Aoyama, original character of the popular illustrator Coffee Kizoku, has been turned into a figure! She has been sculpted based on the very first illustration of hers drawn by Coffee Kizoku! The item has been created under Coffee Kizoku’s full supervision. She likes cooking and hot stone spa, she dislikes sport and high places. The pure Sumika Aoyama is wearing a white bikini in the image of the rich fragrance […]

Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% – Ai Mikaze 1/8 Complete Figure[amie x ALTAiR] Review

Ai Mikaze from “Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000%” joins the lineup of amie & ALTAiR’s collaboration figures! While being the youngest in Shining Agency, he is a full-fledged senior idol. Enjoy our newly taken pictures of the sharp-tongued mysterious boy!   Details *This product is sold exclusively at AmiAmi and Animate. Sculptor: Yuma (SWANBOAT no SOUZA) Paintwork: Eimi Hoshina Ai Mikaze from “Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000%” is here! He is sculpted in a sensual pose with his fingers close to his mouth and has a mysterious expression with eyes that will give you a different impression depending on the angle you look at him from. His fresh […]

Myriad Colors Phantom World – Mai Kawakami 1/7 Complete Figure[ques Q] Review

Mai Kawakami from the TV anime “Myriad Colors Phantom World” has been turned intoa a figure by ques Q! Enjoy our newly taken pictures of the sexy blonde Mai fixing her sports bloomers!   Details Sculptor: Abiar (Pladzma Houriki Mokei) Paintwork: taumokei     Buy at! Myriad Colors Phantom World – Mai Kawakami 1/7 Complete Figure ©秦野宗一郎・京都アニメーション/無彩限の製作委員会 *Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.

AmiAmi participated in the organization of “Kanda Matsuri”

In the weekend AmiAmi has participated in the organization of “Kanda Matsuri” (Kanda Festival), one of Japan’s traditional 3 Great Festivals. The main streets of Akihabara were bustling with people gathered to watch the parade and the mikoshi (the palanquins which are said to transport Shinto deities during festivals).  

Comic Aun – Kanna Yuzuki illustration by Kurehito Misaki 1/6 Complete Figure[SkyTube] Review

A Comic Aun cover illustration by Kurehito Misaki is turned into a 1/6 scale figure by SkyTube! Check out our newly taken pictures of Kanna Yuzuki baring her chest with a naughty grin!   Details Sculptor: HIRO Here comes Kanna Yuzuki, girl with a devilish charm, illustrated by Kurehito Misaki for the cover of “Comic Aun”! She has been sculpted in her uniform, leaning forward with a pink condom item in her hand. She has a mischievous smile on her cute face, and her beautiful flowing hair fall down gently over her shoulders. The figure perfectly captures the atmosphere of the lovely illustration. Two right hand parts are included: one […]