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Ochatomo Series – Idolish 7 Seaside Party vol.1/vol.2[MegaHouse] Review

“Idolish 7” is joining the popular “Ochatomo” series by MegaHouse! The members of idol groups “IDOLiSH7”, “TRIGGER” and “Re:vale”, for a total of 12 characters, have been turned into cute mini figures! Check out our newly taken pictures of them dressed in their cute marine-style costume!   Ochatomo Series – Idolish 7 Seaside Party vol.1   Details *All 6 types can be collected by purchasing 1 BOX. The remaining 2 packs are randomly assorted from 6 types. Here comes a cute “Ochatomo series” mascots of Idolish 7 characters! This time, the characters are sculpted dressed in a refreshing marine styled costume! Lineup: -Riku Nanase -Yamato Nikaido -Tamaki Yotsuba -Nagi Rokuya […]

“Life-size Buttocks Mouse Pad – Angela Balzac (Expelled from Paradise) CG Illustration Ver.” Review

As a new item of “Life-size Buttocks Mouse Pad” series, Angela Balzac from “Expelled from Paradise” is back in CG illustration style. This series focuses on recreating life-size buttocks of 2D characters in the form of a mouse pad. We currently have pre-orders open for Angela! Being a life-size item, the buttocks alone are about 1400g heavy! Definitely not the weight of your usual mouse pad. The silicone batting is made of “shiricone” (in Japanese “shiri” means “buttocks”), a material manufactured by “M.J.Original”, and the surface is covered with “2WAY Tricot”, a soft & smooth kind of fabric commonly used for hugging pillow covers. Angela is beautifully printed onto it […]

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 3-choume no Orphanchu 2 (Chu-!) [MegaHouse] Review

“3-choume no Orphanchu”, the spin-off title of “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans”, is getting its 2nd mini figures by MegaHouse! Enjoy our newly taken pictures of the Orphanchus, now even livelier with a new entry, and the relaxed Nyallarhorn!   Details Assorted according to maker’s rate from 6 types. Here comes the 2nd release of “3-choume no Orphanchu”, the unique chibi figure collection of “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans”! Orga has a different outfit and the other members of the fun Orphanchu family are also featured in the lineup. Shino and Eugene have a dynamic pose, while the Nyallarhorn cats are sculpted in relaxed poses. Lineup: -Orga -Mikazuki -Shino -Eugene […]

Girls und Panzer the Movie – Darjeeling 1/7 Complete Figure[ques Q] Review

Darjeeling, captain of St.Gloriana Girls Academy from “Girls und Panzer the Movie”, is turned into a figure by ques Q! Known for using maxims and mottos, she is sculpted elegantly standing with a teacup in her hand! Enjoy our newly taken pictures of her!   Details Sculptor: Missile Paintwork: ei From “Girls und Panzer the Movie” comes a figure of Darjeeling, captain of St. Gloriana Girls Academy. She is faithfully recreated with her trademark teacup and saucer. Be sure to enjoy some quality tea time with her!     Buy at! Girls und Panzer the Movie – Darjeeling 1/7 Complete Figure ©GIRLS und PANZER Film Project *Photos are of […]

Fate/Grand Order – Lancer/Scathach 1/7 Complete Figure[ques Q] Review

From ques Q comes a figure of Scathach, Lancer-class servant from “Fate/Grand Order”! Despite her beautiful lithe body, she possesses enough power to rule the “Land of Shadows”! Check her out in our newly taken pictures!   Details Sculptor: Akisame Paintwork: ei     Buy at! Fate/Grand Order – Lancer/Scathach 1/7 Complete Figure © TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECT *Photos are of a prototype and the actual product may differ.