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DARK SOULS III – Souls of Cinder 1/6 Scale Statue[Gecco] Review

The first release of Gecco’s “DARK SOULS” figure project is “Souls of Cinder”, final boss of “DARK SOULS III” featured in the game’s main visuals. This statue, that stands over 40cm tall, is so impressive that you can almost feel the smell of burnt iron coming from it. Check it out with our newly taken pictures!   Details Sculptor: Shinya Akao (HEADLONG) Paintmaster creation: Katsuhige Akeyama (-accent-) The domestic high quality figure maker Gecco has started a figure project of the hit action RPG series “DARK SOULS”! The 1st release is a 1/6 scale polystone statue of “Souls of Cinder”, featured in the main visuals of the series’ latest chapter […]

Girls und Panzer the Movie – Mika 1/7 Complete Figure[Kotobukiya] Review

Mika, leader of the Keizoku High School team, is the 2nd to join Kotobukiya’s “Girls und Panzer” figure series “Figure-do”. We are bringing you 30 newly taken pictures that showcase all her charm!   Details Sculptor: Takanari Supervisor: Isao Sugimoto Mika, captain of the Keizoku High School team from “Girls und Panzer the Movie”, joins the Figure-do 1/7 scale lineup! Like the previously released Alice Shimada, she was sculpted under the complete supervision of character designer & chief animation director Isao Sugimoto to better capture her charm. The peculiar atmosphere that surrounds her as she plays the kantele is meticulously recreated. Figure-do is a Girls und Pantzer figure series that […]

Valkyria Chronicles DUEL – Selvaria Bles/Juliana Eberhardt -X’mas Party SET- 1/7 Complete Figure[Vertex] Review

Selvaria Bles and Juliana Eberhardt from thne game “Valkyria Chronicles DUEL” are the 3rd to join the “Valkyria Chronicles” figure series by Vertex! Check out our newly taken pictures of the glamourous two dressed in Christmas costumes!   Details Sculptor of Selvaria: Zumio, makoto (MIC) Sculptor of Juliana: Mokamaru (MIC) The 3rd volume of Vertex’s “Valkyria Chronicles” figure series features Selvaria and Juliana from “Valkyria Chronicles DUEL”, dressed in Christmas costumes. If you purchase them as a set you will also receive an A3 size wall scroll that you cannot get anywhere else and a special base to display them more gorgeously. Be sure to welcome them into your collection! […]

Excellent Model – Dragon’s Crown: Elf Another Color Ver. 1/7 Complete Figure[MegaHouse] Review

The elf from “Dragon’s Crown”, previously released in MegaHouse’s Excellent Model series, is back in maple scarlet color! Enjoy our newly taken pictures of this figure, sculpted in painting-like quality!   Details “Excellent Model – Dragon’s Crown: Elf” was very popular for faithfully recreating the image visuals. The Elf is now back in a different color! This time the figure features one of the color variations from the game, the one with the red hood. In addition, the bow has also been changed to a more aggressive version with spikes. While maintaining the same dynamic sculpture and coloring quality similar to a painting, the different color brings out a new […]

Girls und Panzer the Movie – Saori Takebe Panzer Jacket Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure[WAVE] Review

Saori Takebe, the cute radioman from “Girls und Panzer the Movie”, is joining the figure series “Dreamtech” by WAVE! Enjoy our newly taken pictures of Saori, hard working and amiable girl of Team Ankou!   Details Sculptor: Zuiko From the heartwarming tank story “Girls und Panzer” comes a 1/8 scale complete figure of Saori Takebe, radioman of Oarai Girls Academy’s Ankou team! Saori, a sociable and expressive girl who is in love with love itself, is sculpted in her panzer jacket. The base is made in mini vignette style for you to enjoy the landscape. She has an H type neck joint that allows you to change the position of […]