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***The original Japanese article was posted on April 4th. ***

topicon_160325_amicoHello, hobby news readers.
Do you remember us?

topicon_160325_amico I’m the mascot character Amico, a magical girl coming from the chara & hobby world to bring you dreams and desires desu~!
And she is Lil-Lil…


topicon_160325_amicoToday we are bringing you the second issue of the AmiAmi info & monthly illustration corner!
topicon_160325_amicoIt’s already April!
In Japan, April is the “starting month”.
topicon_160325_lilco Students start a new school year, employees start new jobs… It’s an occasion for new encounters~.
topicon_160325_amicoWe have an illustration and information that nicely fit the “starting month”~.
First of all, AmiAmi info corner!
topicon_160325_amicoFirst of all, AmiAmi info corner!



AmiAmi info corner!

topicon_160325_amicoIn this corner we bring you not only information regarding our online shop, but all kinds of AmiAmi information.
Let’s start with the latest news about our Akihabara store~.
topicon_160325_amicoThe opening day has been decided~.
The grand opening is scheduled for April 27th (Wednesday) desu!
topicon_160325_lilcoIt will be just right before the Golden Week.
How are the preparations going?
topicon_160325_amicoEveryone is really busy getting everything ready.
By the way, we already set the side signboard on the outside of the building.



topicon_160325_lilcoSeeing the signboard with the shop name makes it feel all the more real.
…But it’s just letters, isn’t it?
topicon_160325_amicoAh, wait Lil-Lil… Don’t tell me that you want to become a poster girl??
topicon_160325_lilcoD-don’t get me wrong! I’m not such a show-off!
I was just a little surprised because I thought there would be at least your face on the board.
Just this!
topicon_160325_amicoWell, it’s a small signboard, it would be difficult to fit us on there.

topicon_160325_lilcoI guess you’re right.

topicon_160325_amicoI don’t want to be cramped in such a narrow place, I’d rather be on the front wall of the building!
Or even better, girls be ambitious! I want to be featured on an even more visible place in Akiba!
topicon_160325_lilcoEeeh, you want a bit too much!
topicon_160325_amicoBe sure to keep your hopes up, everyone~
topicon_160325_amico The next information is about a new radio program in our movie radio channel “AmiAmi Channel”!
Following the transformation of the “Patto UP!” corner of the seiyuu & baseball program “「Homerun Radio” into a program on its own, hosted by Kana Yuuki & Airi Eino, this time we are officially announcing a completely new program.

The radio personalities are Risae Matsuda (left) and Satsumi Matsuda (right).

[Program details]

“Matsudateki Superhero Radio” is a tokusatsu hero support program where the twin sisters Risae Matsuda and Satsumi Matsuda, both tokusatsu lovers, deliver love, smiles and passion to you.

Program title: Matsudateki Superhero Radio
Schedule: Radio Kansai, every Wednesday (starting from April 6th), 24:30~25:00 (previously recorded / audio only)
NicoNico live, every Thursday, 22:00~22:30 (including simple video)


topicon_160325_amicoThese two twin sisters became popular after voicing twin characters in the anime “The Asterisk War”~.
topicon_160325_lilco…Identical twin sisters, fan of tokusatsu… I have the feeling that there was someone like that in our AmiBlog too before it became hobby news…
I can’t really remember…
topicon_160325_amicoDon’t think too hard, they’ll show up again when the time is right~
Stay tuned for news about even more spring programs~.
topicon_160325_amicoAre there more new programs!?
topicon_160325_lilcoAre there more new programs!?
topicon_160325_amicoLastly, the long-awaited illustration corner, 2nd issue!
Take a look at April’s illustration.
Now that I think about it, in the previous issue didn’t you say that the next update would be at the end of March…?
topicon_160325_amicoBlooming cherry trees, like the beautiful ones in Bunkyo-ku’s Harimazaka, a famous cherry tree viewing spot close to AmiAmi’s main office building~!
topicon_160325_lilcoYou just ignored my question!

This month’s illustration!

Illust: Chaa

The cherry trees have just started blooming near my house.
I do like them in full bloom, but actually I also like the carpet of light pink petals after they start to scatter.
Since cherry trees makes you feel like spring has finally arrived, I wanted to draw an absolutely happy picture! I did my best to give them a broad smile.
They look like cherry tree fairies with that pink uniform.


topicon_160325_amico“They look like cherry tree fairies with that pink uniform”?
Oh, yes, yes!
topicon_160325_amicoHere I am, the magical girl “Cherry Tree Fairy Pixy Cherry” desu!
topicon_160325_lilcoThat name is just confusing… Are you a magical girl or a fairy?? And you’re too self-confident!
Yeah, I got it, stop waving your hands.

topicon_160325_lilcoDon’t think you can be a cherry tree fairy just because you’re pink, though.
The color of cherry trees is actually quite light, and they have a transient image because they scatter very quickly.
You’re too active for that

topicon_160325_amico……That’s quite rude~. I’m graceful enough to be a perfect cherry tree fairy!

topicon_160325_lilcoSeriously, it doesn’t fit you at all, you should become something like the “sunflower fairy”.

topicon_160325_amicoOh no, don’t you see how graceful, ladylike, ephemeral and impermanent I am?

topicon_160325_lilco…You’re really trying too hard.
Oh right, I brought some sweets.

topicon_160325_amicoI’m also refined, elegant, noble and…

topicon_160325_lilcoAnyone wants to have some sakuramochi?

topicon_160325_amicoI do!! …Eh!?


topicon_160325_amicoIt really looks beautiful though, almost spiritual. Munch!
It’s aaall light pink, until the end of the road. It’s like a cherry tree corridor! Chomp chomp.

topicon_160325_lilcoYour description doesn’t sound spiritual at all if you keep on eating that sakuramochi while you talk.
topicon_160325_amicoAren’t you eating it too!!
topicon_160325_lilcoThat’s because you know, my motto is “dumpling over flowers”…
topicon_160325_lilco The cherry petal shower is beautiful, but it’s a bit annoying when it falls on your food.
topicon_160325_amico!? Catching falling petals in mid-air looks cool!
I wanna do it too, desu!
topicon_160325_lilco……Can you?
You need a trained dynamic vision and reflexes, like mine.
topicon_160325_amicoI can do it~.
topicon_160325_lilcoOpen your hand.
I was pretty sure I caught it!!
topicon_160325_lilcoNah, I saw you, you were just catching the air.

topicon_160325_amicoOk, I guess if I use both hands I’ll have more chances of catching them, desu!!
topicon_160325_lilcoYou think so?
topicon_160325_amicoHah! Yaah!
topicon_160325_lilco(Hehe, I thought I’d seen this somewhere already)
topicon_160325_amicoUwah!? Almost there!
topicon_160325_lilco(She thinks that if she jumps a bit more she can make it)
topicon_160325_amicoUff!! If it weren’t for this wind I would’ve caught it!
topicon_160325_lilco(But she’s just like a kitten playing with a toy held by a human)
topicon_160325_amicoHah! Nyaa!
(jump! jump!!)
topicon_160325_lilco(It’s as if she’s the one being played with~)
topicon_160325_amico….Yawn, I’m tired.
Lil-Lil, tell me how you do it.
topicon_160325_lilcoIf you really want I will, though I don’t have much hope in you.
I will train you just because I appreciate the fact that you’re trying to do something without relying on magical power~.
topicon_160325_amicoWell then, dear readers.
This is all for this month. We’ll meet you again in the 3rd issue~.






Illustration May 1st 2015



I still cannot catch petals in mid-air with my hands, but thanks to master Lil-Lil I learned a perfect sword-drawing technique!
Wait, that makes no sense!
How did you awaken such a dangerous talent all of a sudden!?
See you next time!


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